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About Us


What We Do

Our activities are divided into two parts:

  1. Age of Robots  – A popular science digital magazine.
  2. Neurorobotics – An open access community and resources for those interested in the intersection of neuroscience, AI and robotics.

Age of Robots magazine reports on the technology of the Second Machine Age and its impact on our society and psychology. A key focus is the intersection of technology and work—are robots enhancing our capacity to work or replacing human effort? We aim to keep sight of the human advantage in the midst of revolutionary technological change.

Age of Robots Magazine is available on Apple and Google newsstands and covers a wide array of topics involving robotics, AI, and future technology trends. Our goal is to provide accurate, interesting and entertaining reporting for the general public.

Categories include artificial intelligence, work, robotics, automation, biomedicine, society, psychology, nanotechnology, transport, military, reviews and opinion pieces.

Neurorobotics Magazine is an open access online resource devoted to informing multidisciplinary researchers,developers, manufacturers and the general public about the science and technology of machine learning and embodied autonomous neural systems through digital publications, online communities, and real-world events. We focus on both biologically-inspired algorithms and computational models as well as actual neural networks. We report on advances in the embodiment of such neural systems in artificial software and hardware devices, machines, interfaces,robots, and the impact such systems are having in our lives.

Our hope is that our community will inform and inspire anyone interested in the emerging fields of neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

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