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Psychology in an age of robots

Our Minds in the Second Machine Age

There is no doubt we are in a remarkably unique point in human history. Technology is advancing at a pace never experienced before — knowledge, learning, entertainment, work, many aspects of life are changing radically from the previous generation. How does this rapid change affect our mental states? How are we dealing with the second machine age psychologically? How is new technology helping or hindering our mental wellbeing? These are some of the questions we want to explore in this department.

Psychological Impacts of a Journey to Mars

No one in human history, so far, knows what an actual manned trip to Mars entails. Although there has been much speculation, we can only understand so much about the environment through the use of unmanned rovers on the Red Planet. It has recently been made a priority...

Playing Smartphone App Aids Concussion Recovery in Teens

In an effort to minimize activity and allow the brain time to rest and heal, doctors advise patients who’ve suffered concussions to avoid screen time on computers, televisions, tablets and smartphones. But during a recent study, researchers actually encouraged teenagers to use an app on their smartphones specifically designed to help them recover. And the results were encouraging.

Our Friends The Androids

Download Article Here I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to the day I will have a friendly, even loving, android in my life. We human beings are deeply programmed for friendliness. Consequently, it’s surprisingly easy to trigger our perceptual system to...

Meet Virtual You: How Your VR Self Influences Your Real-Life Self

You know your thoughts and feelings affect your body language — but this works the other way around, too. Happiness causes us to smile, of course, but smiling also causes us to feel happy. VHIL Experimental research suggests that this concept also applies to the virtual space, and that the physical traits of your avatar can change the way you behave in real life.

Tested Visits Stanford’s Virtual Reality Lab!

While we’ve seen and used many virtual reality products aimed at consumers, there’s also a lot of research in academia using virtual reality to study human psychology and behavior. We visit Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab to run...

Dr. David Van Nuys

Dr. David Van Nuys

Department Head

David Van Nuys, PhD., is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Sonoma State University, hosts a popular psychology podcast Shrink Rap Radio and has had a long standing interest in technology.

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