Author: Matthew Dahlitz

Boston Dynamics Continues to Wow!

If you are not one of the few million people who have seen the videos released by Boston dynamics 2 days ago then you are in for a treat. Atlas goes for a casual jog in the back yard and SpotMini navigates autonomously around the the office and factory floor… And below we have Marc Raibert showed off its latest creation, the SpotMini at a TechCrunch event this year at UC Berkeley....

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AI is now fully reporting the news

Sources: The Promise and Perils of AI New brain scanner allows patients to move freely for the first...

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AI & A New Version Of Gaming Difficulty

When we think about the difficulty of video games, it usually comes down to one of two things: a computer or “AI” setting (typically Easy, Medium, or Hard, in whatever terms they’re presented), or the skill of opponents in an online multiplayer setting. Gamers are used to being able to choose difficulty and/or gauge their competitive gaming to suit their own levels. But as we move into an era with improving AI and computer performance, might we see video games transformed more dramatically than some expect? We’ve written before about the potential impact of new technology on blind gamers,...

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Tesla Crash Victim – No Action Taken Before Impact

Sources: Tesla Model X fatal crash investigation Tesla says fatal crash involved Autopilot A Journal Retracted A Controversial Paper About CRISPR. The Damage Might Already Be Done. First Tesla solar roof customer installation is now up and running – feeding the grid...

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