Author: Peter Bishop

Why Robots Are Important

by Peter Corke Welcome to this series about robots and the future, based on my Robot Academy series of online lectures. In this first article I want to do something a bit different and talk a little less about technology, algorithms and software, and get into some bigger picture ideas about robots and where they fit into society—why robots are important. Recently we have developed a new class of robots we call service robots (or field robots), a type of robot that performs a service to a human being—such as cleaning my floor, in the case of automated vacuum...

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A Futurist Examines The Future of Robots

Download Article Here   Dr. Peter Bishop This new magazine, Age of Robots, contains a clear message: we are entering the age of robots, and we should learn now about what this age might be like. But how do we do that? Do we simply extrapolate from the age of machines? We could, and many do, but robots are not just machines. They are, or will soon be, intelligent in many ways beyond machines. Should we extrapolate from the age of computers? Again we could, but while the core of a robot is a computer, it is much more....

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