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Resistive memory components the computer industry can’t resist

Make way for some new memsistors. For years, the computer industry has sought memory technologies with higher endurance, lower cost, and better energy efficiency than commercial flash memories. Now, an international collaboration of scientists may have solved many of those challenges with the discovery of thin, molecular films that can store information.

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Selective memory

In a traditional computer, a microprocessor is mounted on a “package,” a small circuit board with a grid of electrical leads on its bottom. The package snaps into the computer’s motherboard, and data travels between the processor and the computer’s main memory bank through the leads.

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Data Storage Options

Limited space and power are driving forces in the quest to find, in the most preferable scenario, limitless data storage. So far, what we use compared to what is available is only a drop in the bucket. This does not seem like a...

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Fast magnetic writing of data

Magnetic data storage has long been considered too slow for use in the working memories of computers. Researchers at ETH have now investigated a technique by which magnetic data writing can be done considerably faster and using less energy.

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