The ABC have published a database that answers the question of how susceptible your job is to automation.

You can find the database and search for your job here

The ABC have used data from the economic modelling firm AlphaBeta who have conducted an analysis to figure out how difficult it would be to automate each type of job in Australia. This was a research project funded by Google.

“We broke the Australian economy down into 20 billion hours of work,” explains economist Andrew Charlton, the project leader, “and we asked what does every Australian do with their day, and how does what they do in their job change over the next 15 years.”

According to the ABC website the process Charlton and his team stepped through was as follows:

  1. The starting point was an existing US government database called O*NET, which provides a breakdown of the types of tasks every occupation performs. For example, a factory worker might ‘operate equipment’ and ‘monitor facilities’, while a sales assistant would ‘assist customers’ and ‘assess products’. The database contains more than 2,000 such work-related activities.
  2. Each of those work tasks was assessed and placed into one of six groups depending on the type of work it represented. For instance, tasks requiring interaction with other people were assigned to a group named ‘interpersonal’ and tasks such as reviewing documents or monitoring facilities were assigned to a group named ‘information analysis’.
  3. Each of those groups of work tasks was rated as ‘difficult to automate’ or ‘automatable’.
  4. All of that information was pulled together, so the researchers could see how much of any individual job was ‘difficult to automate’ and how much was ‘automatable’.

Check out what percentage of your job could be done by AI: