Philosophy and Ethics in an Age of Robots

Ethical Machines?

With the development of smart autonomous machines, maybe even machines that demonstrate a general intelligent and self-aware, there is a need to discuss ethics. This department is tracking the philosophical and ethical side of the second machine age.

Do neurotechnologies threaten our human dignity?

“Human dignity in our hands – challenges through new technologies” – this is the topic that the German Ethics Council is putting into the focus of its annual conference on the occasion of its tenth anniversary.

Predicting justice: what if algorithms entered the courthouse?

In France, the possibility of using algorithmic dispute-resolution mechanisms for relatively minor court matters has been included in the justice-reform agenda put forward by the Minister of Justice, Nicole Belloubet. Approximately 2.7 million cases could be affected.

Now is the time to consider a regulatory body on AI predictive analytics

With Immigration New Zealand recently joining ACC and The Ministry for Social Development on the list of Government departments courting controversy over the use of predictive analytics systems, leading University of Otago researchers say now is the time to consider a regulatory body to oversee the rising use of artificial intelligence (AI) systems in New Zealand Government departments.

Australia’s digital divide is not going away

Julian Thomas, RMIT University; Chris K Wilson, RMIT University, and Sora Park, University of Canberra Despite large investments in the National Broadband Network, the “digital divide” in Australia remains largely unchanged, according to a new report from the...

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